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You can't get one thing if your subconscious wants another.  Your subconscious will get its way every time!

John Freeman

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Get rid of stress!  Get unstuck!  Heal your pain!

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​Build a powerful new vision

​Get a vision that really works for you. tell your subconscious exactly what you want - what you expect!  Step back and be astounded by yourself

Stress causes ALL our problems!

​Don't let stress ru​in your life

​Even if you're having panic attacks or think you can no longer cope - ​In as little as four weeks you can completely eradicate all the stress from your life

​Uncover your hidden needs

​Understand your subconscious needs like never before.  Why are you stuck? Why are you always frustrated?  Your subconscious is looking after you in amazing ways you're not even aware of

Vivid Visualisation™

Healing CAN be fun!

​When those negative emotions take over, it's an opportunity to heal your pain.  Your intense anger or sorrow is merely a healing crisis.  Learning to walk through your healing is the greatest thing you will ever do for yourself

​Your healing is your transformation.  The letting go of the old and the welcoming of the new”

Visualisation: what, why & how

​We are ruled by our subconscious

​Helping people make friends (connect with) their subconscious is my life's work, my passion and my joy.  Witnessing the freedom that comes from this beautiful connection is what makes my life so worthwhile

​​The hidden subconscious needs that hold you back might include...

  • ​Protection
  • Punishment (of yourself or others)
  • Attention
  • Manipulation
  • Avoidance
  • Importance

What Others Say


​I have been more focused and motivated from day one. I would not have thought that being a warrior was what I was looking for but you have really resonated with some much needed feelings.

​Caroline Webb

​Learning and Development


The results I am getting are remarkable...Things just seem to be going my way....I feel more grounded, less attached to the outcomes of things. Lighter

​​Theresa Destrebecq
​Conflict Resolution Coach


I had the feeling that John knew me and my fears better than I did. It was a deeply transformational experience, encouraging me to overcome my inner demons

Irina Wendler
/​ Career Coach

Get rid of stress!  Get unstuck!  Heal your pain!

​I'll talk for FREE to anyone who thinks they need help right now!

Get in touch to book your FREE 30 minute call.