Make life easy for yourself...
​Make friends with YOUR subconscious!

John Freeman Coaching




You could be on your way to getting what you want in just 4 weeks!

The power of ​the subconscious is well known and proven. Here are just some of the benefits of ​making friends with yours...

  • Activate the immense power of your subconscious mind - the infinite intelligence that created everything is inherent within every cell of your body.  Think about it
  • Bring your dreams to life in a powerful way - the more you connect to this deeper part of yourself, the closer you get to your goals.
  • Invoke the power of The Law of Attraction! - it really does work, but if you always focus on what you ​DON'T want it works for you in the wrong direction.  You're either in the stream of good, or you're not, but it is always the thoughts and feelings within that carry you.
  • Have more fun as creative solutions begin flooding your consciousness - whether you want to achieve a better relationship, earn more money or grow as a person you will find yourself getting effortless results in all areas.
  • Save hours of wasted effort - no more frustration at TRYING to achieve your goals.  Let your subconscious do the hard work for you.
  • Attract wonderful and exciting opportunities - your subconscious will begin to filter out what you don't need and filter in what you do.
  • Let go of stress and frustration for ever - learn to trust the infinite power of the unknown.
  • Become happier and enjoy life more - your subconscious will provide all the solutions, opportunities, serendipitous events you need.
  • Easily maintain focus on you goals, dreams and ambitions - it's like when you buy a car and you start to see the same car everywhere.  Focus is everything!
  • Tap into your higher self - allow the better part of you to override your self-sabotaging habits.