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7 Reasons Why Hypnosis Recordings Don’t Work

Have you ever wondered why hypnosis recordings don’t work for you?

If you are like me, you probably work hard and struggle to turn off the old noggin when it gets to bed time.  There are many things we can do to ease the path to a good night’s sleep.  Not drinking coffee in the afternoons helps a lot.  As does reading for a while before lights out.  A hot bath can be good for soothing the soul as well as relaxing the body.  No tech at bedtime is a golden rule too.

But, ultimately, my wife and I just LOVE to listen to hypnosis or meditation recordings.  They are the number one way to fall asleep at night.

Listened to regularly they become an anchor.  I hardly ever finish one before I’m sleeping like a log.  As soon as I hear the smooth, calm voice I’m off.

But have you ever tried to use one for anything more than falling to sleep at night?  I have.  I’ve tried them for confidence, stress management and even for giving up smoking a very long time ago.

But nothing!  No major changes.  No amazing insights.  No feelings of invincible self-confidence.  Zilch!  Nada!  Bugger all!


Why does something that promises so much leave us, so often, feeling more helpless, hopeless and stuck than before we even listened to it?

Many of these things do more harm than good by promising so much and delivering so little.  We wouldn’t be listening in the first place if we weren’t delicate, vulnerable and sometimes, even desperate.

When we don’t get the promised results it affects us on a deep level, merely re-enforcing the negativity we were already riddled with.

As you probably know, I make amazing Vivid Visualisation™ recordings.  I have to come clean with you so that you understand where I’m coming from.

Having got that out the way, here are 7 reasons why most hypnosis recordings don’t work for you.  Not every recording will have every fault listed here.  But any of these issues will affect their effectiveness.  Some of them are so huge that the recording actually makes the problem worse.

1.  Unrealistic expectations. Someone makes a recording, let’s say it’s for weight loss.  On the packaging, sales literature, website, or whatever, it says, “listen to this and lose weight”.  What it doesn’t tell you is that the recording is (can only be) RE-ENFORCEMENT.  The recording is the reminder to your conscious and unconscious minds that you are in the process of change.

The recording isn’t going to lose weight, eat a healthy diet or exercise enough to burn off the unwanted calories.  YOU do that.  The recording merely helps you stay focussed and think  differently about yourself.


2.  Lack of support from the maker of the recording. In the past as a hypnotherapist, and now as a coach, all my clients get a recording to listen to.  EVERY client had questions about the recording, the process, what happens while they listen – all sorts.

People need guidance and support when they are making changes in themselves and their lives.  They need to be able to ask when they need to ask.  They need to know someone is on their side, got their back, ready to cheer them on, encourage them.

If you are going to help people – help them!  Don’t do half a job.


3.  Focus on the negative. The whole point of a hypnosis or meditation recording is to get you feeling the way you want to feel.  Feeling thin.  Feeling rich.  Feeling good.  Feeling like a healthy, non-smoker.

I listened recently to a meditation from a wonderful organisation who should have known better.  It was all about the “room inside”.  It was a lovely recording.  It was even warm and soothing – but she kept telling me to ignore the “room outside”.  She just wouldn’t stop going on about it, for God’s sake!

I bought a confidence CD once.  It was great.  It really was a first class effort.  Except he kept talking about my lack of confidence.  These two recording made the biggest mistake there is:

They reminded me of what I DON’T want!

 Pink bananas.       Yellow mice.        Flying cars.          Male mermaids.


When we relate this to personal transformation, the recording actually holds us where we are, and actively prevents us moving forward to who we want to be.


4.  Lack of empathy. I am an Empath.  My empathy levels are off the scale.

When I help a person grow, heal, transform, a connection is formed that I cannot explain or, as yet, fully understand.  As a hypnotherapist in the past, and now as a coach and creator of Vivid Visualisations™, I am astounded by the lack of empathy in the hypnosis recordings I try out.

For a hypnosis recording to be successful it must have an intention behind it.  That intention needs to be more than, “I’m going to make a recording”.  Or, “Let’s make a confidence tape”.  (showing my age there).

The person making the recording has to connect with the listener.  Whether it is a generic recording or a personalised one, they have to have that intention.  A truly effective recording touches the listener at the deepest level.

It will make you smile when it wants you to smile.  Cry where it wants you to cry and tingle where it wants you to tingle.  It makes you FEEL as though you already have what you want.

In that brief time that it takes you deeply within yourself, it should, at the very least, make your heart sing and your soul dance.  If it doesn’t, it’s not worth shit!


5.  Lack of empathy 2. So much effort is put into the production of these things.  They have music.  They have stereo travelling across from one ear to the other.  They have subliminal suggestions.  They have a soft soothing voice designed to help you relax more deeply.

But they have very little long-term effect on you.

No empathy, you see.  A voice needs to be so much more than calm and relaxing.  The objective of the recording has to be so much more than to take you into a deep state of hypnosis.

The voice has to continue to deliver more once you are relaxed.  It has to connect with what you want, it has to create feelings!!!

When the voice says, “You are feeling happy”, it had better damn well make you feel happy – just by conveying those feelings on the wings of intention.  Without empathy and intention behind EVERY word spoken the words are, well, just words.  Meaningless and mute.


6.  The listener gives up too soon. It takes time to change; and lots of effort; and quite a bit of discomfort.  Pushing out of our comfort zones is one of the hardest things we can do.

The subconscious is a powerful creature.  That inner intelligence is the greatest power on earth.  If it thinks you want to be a certain way, it will do amazing things to make it happen.

I just love the excuses people make for failing to listen to their recordings as much as they agreed to.  But you should always stick with it – no matter what.

You can’t put the positive in (listening to a recording) without the negative leaving. 

This will leave as subtle energy at first.  Before you even realise what is happening the subconscious part of you, that thinks you want to stay as you are, will feed you with every reason on Earth NOT to do the one thing that is moving you forward to what you want.

Your only job is to focus on the New You (what you want) and keep feeding it (listening), until the Old You gets the message and buggers off for good.

Don’t give up.  If you feel uncomfortable listening – it’s working!  Stick with it.  Ride it out.  Change your life.


7.  They are too long. We are all way too busy.  We live in the information age.  Everything we need is at our fingertips.  (Thanks for sticking around with this blog for so long.  I’m truly grateful that you are still here, I really am.)

Who’s got time to sit down for 30 minutes?  I’ve seen them up to an hour long.  What’s the point?  The only reason they have for being that long is padding.  Meaningless waffle that achieves next to nothing.

“An effective recording doesn’t waste words or time.”

Short and sweet, makes everything neat!


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Until Next Time…


  1. Jane Fresher says:

    That makes so much sense to me! I have been listening for years to them but they never really worked for me at all. Thank you for sharing.

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