Guided Visualisation

About Me & You

If you are struggling right now, there is a way out! In as little as four weeks you could be in a position where you hardly recognise the person you are today. 

Struggling is something we do by default when we fail to focus on what we want. The stress created by constantly thinking about what we don't want kills our perspective, stifles our creativity and fills us with self-doubt.

That's why effective visualisation is the key to everything = it activates the immense power of your subconscious, making your dreams and ambitions REAL!  It also invokes The Law of Attraction, bringing all good things to your door. 

But bringing good things to your door takes persistance, focus and determination - AND SUPPORT & ENCOURAGEMENT! 

I know what it's like not to have positive support and encouragement in your life.  I know what it's like to struggle, to be frustrated, to spin endlessly on a hampster wheel.  I'm here to tell you that if that is your life now, it doesn't have to be any longer.  No matter what it is you are struggling with, getting yourself and your life back together is as easy as building AND holding a powerful vision of what you want.

The Perfect Twin-Set!

I am completely dedicated to pulling you out of struggle and into control.  With a background in hypnotherapy & stress management coupled with my intuitive way of working, I am unique in the help I am able to provide. Just imagine never having to struggle with visualisation again! You will be AMAZED at how quickly your transformation occurs.  That sense of well-being and confidence is closer than you think.

Listening to those recordings became a ritual every day. As I went through the month, I could feel the visualisations effecting me in a powerful way. The support was really good too.  It was great to have John letting me know that what was happening to me was OK. In one month I have gone from being completely stuck, confused and stressed out about my business to being motivated and taking actions that I never even thought of before. 

Sharon Frost
Complementary Therapist

I am really impressed. The music, use of my name and the warrior imagery have had such an impact on me. I have been more focused and motivated from day one. I would not have thought that being a warrior was what I was looking for but you have really resonated with some much needed feelings. I listen twice a day and if I have a less motivated or negative moment I just say warrior and it spurs me  on.

Caroline Webb
Learning & Development

I am enjoying my recording very much. I love how you weaved in all of my wants into the recording, but not explicitly. The use of the word abundance. The tide. I didn't use the word Gold Dust, but I like the image that it brings me....I feel more grounded, less attached to the outcomes of things. Lighter?

The results I am getting are remarkable...I feel like I am getting way more responses to my online marketing. More likes, comments, shares. More requests for 20 minute laser coaching sessions. More interest in my free guide. More people wanting to collaborate. I even emailed a famous author yesterday and she and I are going to have lunch together when I am in the states this summer. Things just seem to be going my way.
Theresa Destrebecq
  Conflict Resolution Coach

Before working with John, I suffered from an irrational exam anxiety.
When listening to the tailor-made recording, I had the feeling that John knew me and my fears better than I did. It was a deeply transformational experience, encouraging me to overcome my inner demons. not just for one exam, but in the long run. I recommend working with John to anyone who wants to make long term, profound changes in his/ her life.

Irina Wendler
Career Coach

"If only I had met John Freeman sooner the last few years would have been a much nicer part of my life....I love listening to my recording. Being told you are a powerful and wonderful woman and believing it is a great feeling. Even greater is when my friends tell me they love the new me! So do I....I am proof that you can overcome your subconscious mind with a little help from John Freeman and some positive thinking from yourself. Try it you will never look back."
Julie Picter
Mum of a Heart Baby
John Freeman

A Revolution in life-enhancing recordings!

I'm sure you've used hypnosis and meditation recordings before - but you've never experienced anything like these!

My guided visualisation recordings started life as hypnosis recordings to back up the sessions I had with clients. They were re-enforcement of our session that the client would listen to twice a day.  Once upon a time they were read from scripts, but over the years I put more and more of myself into them until the scripts completely dissappeared.  

Then a strange thing started to happen. No matter how good our sessions were, the only really good results I got were with the clients who listened to the recordings as they were supposed to. In most cases that meant twice a day. It was amazing! EVERYBODY who listened twice a day achieved the result they were seeking – without exception! And conversely, Every client who failed to listen twice a day failed to get the result!

Meditation recordings

Over time I grew ever less interested in hypnotherapy but my passion for coaching and the recordings kept growing until that was all I wanted to do.  This was the birth of Vivid Visualisation™ recordings!

These amazing, life-enhancing recordings seem, on the surface, quite simple. But don’t let their simplicity fool you. Behind the simplicity lies a life-time of healing, empathy and intuition:

  • They are always unscripted - straight from my subconscious to yours!
  • They are seldom more than ten minutes long - because I know you are busy, and they don't need to be any longer.  They are completely free of padding and waffle.  Every word counts!
  • They have one overall purpose and that's to MOVE YOU FORWARD!  I'm not here to plough out a load of rubbish recordings covering every possible subject.  I'm here to get you to where you want to be: Starting on the inside first!
  • I am absolutely dedicated to helping you create a powerful vision that will drive you powerfully towards your goals.
  • If you know how you want to feel these powerful, highly effective guided visualisation recordings will create it for you.  All you have to do is sit back and listen.  What could be easier than that?
John Freeman