How to Easily Get What You Want
(by Busting Your Subconscious Blocks)

Want to feel like this more often?

​You've never seen a coaching or healing program like this before:

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    ​Understand your hidden subconscious needs. Discover exactly what you're gaining from your current thoughts, words and actions.
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    ​Have an Intuitive Empath walk you all the way through your healing -  caring, understanding, dependable and accessible.
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    Cast off your subconscious blocks and start moving towards your goals, dreams and ambitions in a new, fun and powerful way.

The biggest obstacle standing between you and your goals is frustration

​​Have you been trying to achieve something for ages and it seems as far away today as it did a decade or more ago?   Do your goals give you nothing but heartache?

​Life is supposed to be fun.  Sure, we can work hard - but do we have to have so much stress and frustration too?  

Don't you just hate seeing some people breezing towards their goals as if they're on a magic carpet?  Why do some people find it so easy and others have to struggle to make the good things happen?

“​You may not be getting what you WANT, but your subconscious is busy ensuring you get what you NEED!  The more deeply buried the need, the more importance the subconscious will give it.”

​Your frustration is a GOOD thing!  ​It's a message from your subconscious telling you there is a part of you that needs attention from you.  The quicker you give it the LOVING, POSITIVE attention it needs - the quicker you can end your resistance and hop on YOUR magic carpet.

​The Four Weeks to a New You Coaching Program Is an investment in yourself like no other:

​Four powerful visualisation recordings

​Four unique and very special recordings made just for you.  Designed to connect with you at the deepest level and shift your subconscious blocks once and for all.

​Four empathic coaching sessions

​Understand what's going on in your subconscious by talking with an Intuitive Empath.  Get to know yourself on a new and exciting level.  Get all the help, support and encouragement you need as you travel this life-changing journey.  


​​​What are you gaining from your problems?

What hidden needs are being met by your subconscious?

Punishment (of yourself or others)?






"​The support was really good..."

"​It was great to have John letting me know that what was happening to me was OK. In one month I have gone from being completely stuck, confused and stressed out about my business to being motivated and taking actions that I never even thought of before."

- ​Sharon Frost (​Complementary Therapist)

What ​​Four Weeks to a New you Does for You:


These amazing, life-enhancing recordings seem, on the surface, quite simple. But don’t let their simplicity fool you. Behind the simplicity lies a life-time of healing, empathy and intuition

"​Connecting to my client's subconscious is my greatest joy."

​There's nothing worse than dealing with stuff on your own, is there?

​We all need help sometimes.  Someone we can depend on to be there when we need them!

​Your subconscious rules your life!

​It is always seeking to meet your deeper hidden needs.  The deeper the need is buried, the more importance your subconscious gives it.

The needs that your subconscious is meeting today are the most deeply buried needs you have.  You have to bring those needs to the surface and face them with the love and understanding they need.

Only then can you move forward purposely towards your goals.

Visualisation: what, why & how

​Book a discovery call today!

​Book your discovery call today

       Email me today to book your no hassle call: 

  • ​No pressure
  • No hassle
  • Just kindness..
  • Understanding at the deepest level..
  • Empathy

        "​​I am really impressed."

        "​I am really impressed. The music, use of my name and the warrior imagery have had such an impact on me. I have been more focused and motivated from day one. I would not have thought that being a warrior was what I was looking for but you have really resonated with some much needed feelings. I listen twice a day and if I have a less motivated or negative moment I just say warrior and it spurs me  on.."

​     Caroline Webb
     Learning & Development

        "I didn't use the word Gold Dust, but I like the image that it brings me."

        "I love how you weaved in all of my wants into the recording, but not explicitly. The use of the word abundance. The tide. I didn't use the word Gold Dust, but I like the image that it brings me....I feel more grounded, less attached to the outcomes of things. Lighter?

 The results I am getting are remarkable...I feel like I am getting way more responses to my online marketing. More likes, comments, shares. More requests for 20 minute laser coaching sessions. More interest in my free guide. More people wanting to collaborate. I even emailed a famous author yesterday and she and I are going to have lunch together when I am in the states this summer. Things just seem to be going my way."

     Theresa Destrebecq
      Conflict Resolution Coach

        "​I had the feeling that John knew me and my fears better than I did."

        "​Before working with John, I suffered from an irrational exam anxiety.  I had the feeling that John knew me and my fears better than I did. It was a deeply transformational experience, encouraging me to overcome my inner demons. Not just for one exam, but in the long run. I recommend working with John to anyone who wants to make long term, profound changes in his/ her life."

     Irina Wendler
    Career Coach

Stand by for an incredible month!

John Freeman

"​Dedicate yourself to this incredible program, walk through your healing and uncover your joy, satisfaction and lightheartedness."

Four unique guided visualisations - Six weeks coaching - Unlimited email support throughout

John Freeman

Book a discovery call TODAY!

​Let me explain how easy and fun healing can be.


​What are you scared of? ​Healing ​is as easy, simple and fun as we choose to make it!

​Healing can be instant!  For more than twenty years I've been reading, listening and watching miracles happen.  ​I know there are miracle workers out there helping people instantly.  I've even managed a few instant miracles myself over the years.  

​But my own healing has been slow, painful and mostly ponderous. Sure it can be quick - but for most of us, it means going through the healing crisis!!  We've got to walk through the pain.  

We've got to face ourselves in a new and powerful way.  We've got to be courageous, we've got to be resolute and we've got to keep moving forward through to the other side where the sun shines bright and the angels sing!!!

​I know what it's like to do this alone:  So I am always there for you.  You will NEVER feel alone throughout this process.  You have me holding your hand and walking you through every step.  Simply put, I am the healing coach I have always needed and prayed for - but never had!!!

I know what it's like to have people try to help you but say or do the wrong things that push your healing back down again:  I instinctively know when you need me to pull back and ease off, or to push forward and move you through your pain.  I always know what you can handle and what you can't.

I know healing is painful.  I know it's the hardest thing we, as humans, can ever do for ourselves:  That's why I'm so passionate about doing this as quickly as possible:  So I am utterly ruthless and uncompromising in the way I push you into your healing!  But I am also compassionate, understanding - AND fun!

I know what it's like to work with someone who doesn't understand my healing crisis:  ​So I am attentive, connected, intuitive, and empathic!  I always know what's going on inside you at the very deepest level!

I know what it's like to work with someone who is oh so precious about healing:  ​You will find me quite refreshing.  Unsentimental, unsympathetic, yet ruthlessly passionate, incredibly fun to work with.  I am truly a paradox; connected and intuitive yet detached and unaffected by your pain - able to take the objective viewpoint throughout your healing journey.  

I am unique in the world today.  There is nobody who can help you through a healing crisis as quickly or in such a lighthearted way as me!!!


​Book a discovery call today!

​Book your discovery call today

       Email me today to book your no hassle call: 

  • ​No pressure
  • No hassle
  • Just kindness..
  • Understanding at the deepest level..
  • Empathy

​This is What You’ll Get...

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    ​A Total of 6 coaching sessions guaranteed to help you heal your shit and get moving purposely towards what you want
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    ​4 Guided visualisation recordings guaranteed to touch you at the deepest level and start shifting those blocks
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    ​6 weeks unlimited email support (​7 days a week, guaranteed response time 12 hours)
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    ​A paperback copy of my book: Vivid Visualisation, Success without Stress AND the full PDF script for the video.

All these now for just:

30 Day No ​Quibble Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't shift your subconscious blocks over the next 30 days, just let us know and ​I'll send you a prompt refund.

"I​ NEVER take money from people who aren't 100% happy giving it to me!  I guarantee you will be satisfied with everything we do together"

​                         John Freeman


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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​Is healing difficult?

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Book a discovery call TODAY!

​Let me explain how easy and fun healing can be.