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Why dropping the ball can be a good thing.

Lessons from Peggy.  No. 1  Finding joy in the journey


I’ve got a lovely little mongrel called Peggy. Today she is teaching us to find joy in the journey.  She was born in Seville nearly two years ago to a mum that was rescued from the street two months pregnant, and a dad we never knew.  She is the cutest little dog you have ever seen and has such a gentle disposition everybody simply falls in love with her.  I can watch her forever, she teaches me so many lessons.

Once in a while we like to get her a special little ball to play with.  My favourite is a plastic inflated one about four or five inches across.  This is a great ball for Peggy because, being rather small, she can’t quite get it in her mouth.

We can let her loose on the beach with one of these balls and she will chase after it for hours and hours.  Every now and then she will catch the ball between her jaws.  But it just pops back out again as quick as she gets it.

Chase, chase, chase, finally a catch, then, whoosh! Away it goes again.  She will run around all day if we let her.  What I love about watching her do this is just how much fun she has.  She is completely in play mode.  Not once does she get fed up because she can’t hold on to the ball.

Never does she let go of her joy

She is having so much fun that she forgets the whole world.  The end result simply doesn’t matter to her.  It’s the game that matters.  It’s the pure joy she feels in chasing the ball.  For Peggy, the journey is what matters.  Dropping the ball is the fun.  If she didn’t keep dropping the ball, there would be no adventure.

How many times a day do we get frustrated by things not turning out how we expected them to?  Why do we get upset because we drop the ball?  How often do we forget to have fun in the trying? 

We are so busy focusing on the end result that the actual here and now, the actual journey, is forgotten.  We are focusing so hard on getting what we want we miss out on life itself.  One day, when all of our goals are achieved, and all of our targets met, we’ll be sitting in our rocking chair wondering where the hell our life disappeared to.


And a final lesson

If that wasn’t bad enough, here is another lesson from Peggy.  Eventually she always manages to catch the ball.  But in doing so, she punctures it.  The ball goes flat, crushed between her excited jaws.  Game over.  Fun gone.  Adventure finished.

Sometimes getting what we thought we wanted isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Sometimes dropping the ball is a good thing.

And often times, like Peggy, we should enjoy the chase a whole lot more than we do.

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