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I’ve tried to answer everything I can think of here.  If I’ve missed anything use the contact form to ask me anything at all. 


What’s all this about the subconscious?  Isn’t that some scary arsed shit?

If you can’t get yourself out of the 20th Century, at least get out of the Dark Ages!

Your subconscious IS you.  It is the greater part of you.  It’s the intelligence that joins a cell and a seed together, then continually divides all the new cells, then tells them all where to go and what to do, until you become a fully functional human being.

The entire inteligence of the whole Universe is within you! 

Don’t be scared of it.  Make friends with it.

Read this taken from my book, Vivid Visualisation, Success without Stress!

Are Vivid Visualisations™ hypnosis recordings?

I make guided visualisation recordings.  They are created intuitively (unscripted), and are imbued with EMPATHY and INTENTION, they include, in varying degrees, hypnotic suggestions, visualisations, NLP techniques, humour and passion. 

They are wholly unsentimental and guaranteed to connect to the deepest part of you in a very special way.  My guided visualisations are created to transform!  They are the simplest, easiest transformation tool available today.

How do I know if they will work on me?

If you want to listen AND enjoy listening, and you DO listen – they’ll work so well, you’ll be amazed.

How do they work?

My Intention is to connect to your subconscious and ensure that it knows what you want.  You reinforce that reprogramming with your actions.  You begin to feel so much better about what you want.  Your actions become easier, more elegant, inspired, creative.  Basically, they’re like having your favourite coach and friend cheering you on every time you listen.

When I make a recording for you, I am actually speaking to you sometimes and your subconscious at other times.  Sometimes to both of you at once.  You will seldom notice the difference, but your subconscious gets it in an extraordianary way!

This is a very short answer.  Find out more here,   and here.

How long are the recordings effective for?

That depends on the purpose of the recording, but a general rule of thumb is this:

They should take you all the way to where you’re going!  It all depends on how much healing you need to do between where you are now and where you want to be.  Basically, how far away are you vibrationally?  You might need a few visualisations to get you there.

Do Vivid Visualisations™ work for children?

Oh God, YES!  Pre-teen children LOVE them.  They respond really well to them.  In fact it was children who inspired the birth of my ten minute recordings.  They love to go to sleep listening to the positive messages that touch them so deeply. 

I usually coach mum a bit on how to talk about the issue with the child so as to get the best from the recording.  Its always a team effort this stuff! I have had amazing results with bed wetting, temper, insecurity, lack of confidence, weight loss, bullying – anything and everything!!!

They’re like sponges, which is why they are so easy to mess up in the first place.  But that makes them easy to fix too.  The short explanation is that the issue hasn’t yet been buried under years of re-enforcement like in an adult, so really easy to connect with and get rid of.

I love creating these things for kids so if you have an issue going on, get in touch and we can arrange to have a free Skype chat to see how I can help.

Do you guarantee a result?

I don’t guarantee you will reach your goal.  But I do guarantee that you will be satisfied.  If you are not satisfied with anything we do together, I will refund your money in full AND you can keep the recording. 

I do, however, guarantee that you will feel good about what you want, your frustration will stop, you will begin to enjoy working towards your goals, you will feel more positive, and every area of your life will be affected in a positive way.

I guarantee that I will put every ounce of my heart and soul into helping you and if you do the same for yourself, together, we will get you where you want to go. That’s my promise to you!

How often do I need to listen?

At least once a day, but the more you listen the more effective they will be.  It’s all about proving to your subconscious that you want what you say you want.  The more you listen, the more your subconcious gets the point and gets well and truly on your side with inspiration, creativity, insight, certainty, drive, passion – basically all you need from deep inside you to get where you want to go.

How often should you listen?  YOU choose!  How much do you want it?  If all it takes to prove it is to listen to a Vivid Visualisation™ a few times a day, that’s a small price to pay, I reckon.

How long until I notice a difference?

You will begin to feel different after the first listen.  Providing you take the corresponding actions, the transfortmation in how you feel will be quite quick; but this does depend on how deeply ingrained your issue is. 

We will talk about this before I make your recording and I can be much more specific then.

How long do I need to listen for?

As long as it takes, but as in the above, we will talk before I make yours and I can be much more specific then.

Can I continue talking about what I DON’T want and get a great result?

NO!  Stop talking about what makes you miserable.  It’s impossible for you to be happy AND think about what makes you unhappy.  Think about it!

But don’t worry, the Vivid Visualisation™ will make you think about what you want so much – you won’t even notice what you don’t want after a while.

Do you offer after sales support?

I insist on it! 

I struggled for twenty five years on my own, without a positive influence in my life, trying in vain to be successful.  All I ever wanted was one positive influence to reassure me I was doing OK, to lift me up, to believe in me!

Now I have this thing.  When someone asks for my help, I kind of think they’re my responsibility.  That’s the Empath in me.  So if you’re truly ready to get a grip on your life; and you’re ready to trust someone to help you; and you’re ready to play your part in that; and if you let me – I’ll be there for you forever!!!

The fact is, the recording is only half the package.  It is your understanding of what’s going on inside you in the period that you are listening that completes the process.  If you keep in touch with me, and ask me lots of questions as you use the recording, you’ll get the best result possible. 

This is why I offer 28 days unlimited email support (24 hour guaranteed turnaround Monday- Friday only).  Be smart – use it!

However, that doesn’t mean I’m here to give unlimited emotional support and councelling.  I’m strictly help, support and guidance to make good stuff happen in your life.  If you want a therapist, go and get one.  If you want an ongoing coaching relationship, you can pay me for one.

How do I know I’m ready for this?

If you have to ask, you’re probably not.  If you’ve made a decision to make something good happen, you probably are.  Get in touch, I’ll let you know.

Can I try one for free?

Not a Made To Measure, no. 

You can buy my book, Vivid Visualisation™, Success without Stress!  It comes with ten FREE sample Vivid Visualisation™ MP3 recordings (5 minutes each).

When you leave a rave revue for the book on Amazon and send me a screen shot, I’ll send you a special recording as a thank you.

You can also try one for free by leaving your name and email in my Top Bar, or in the Pop Up.

What the hell is an Intuitive?

An Intuitive is a highly sensitive person who just knows stuff instinctively.

For me personally that means:

I have an ultra high level of awareness of everything around me.  For instance, I instinctively know if I am in anyone’s way in the street or shops.  You will never find me blocking the way because I actually feel the persons inconvenience so strongly if I do.

I can be in a room full of people and if anybody is feeling uncomforatble I will be aware of it.  This makes me a great person to be in charge of a room because everyone gets looked after really well.  I am especially good at looking after shy or nervous people and I can easily bring out the best in them, and raise their confidence.

When I am working with a client, I understand very quickly how they feel at the deepest level.  It’s a strange thing this, I can’t turn it on and off, and it doesn’t happen with everyone.  But it happens a lot.  When it does, it’s extraordinary!  This is especially strong with children and women.  It’s not like I actually feel it, I don’t take on board people’s feelings.  It’s more of a deep and certain knowing.

You can’t lie to me.  I can smell doo-doo at a thousand paces.  Seriously, I don’t know how, I just know it to be.  I am also a great judge of character and am able to get the measure of people very quickly.

I have instant rapport with most people. I have always had this ability to connect with people quickly.  I am natuarally open, cheerful and friendly.  I am a great listener and people relax when in my company.  I can close the emotional gap very quickly and people find it easy to discuss anything with me.

I have a HUGE sense of responsibility for the people who come to me for help.

I am highly intuitive.  I find it difficult to intelectualise anything.  In school they used to tell me I had a, “lazy brain”.  They used to say it in a negative way, but actually they’re right.  I can’t be bothered to think too much about anything.

That has caused me to be very intuitive and able to respond to the here & now extremely well.  I can think and act very fast in an emergency, able to take charge and deligate instinctively.  I can ‘get’ a situation in an instant, and just know what to do without any hesitation.

All my best work is done on the fly.  Healing or coaching, for me, is always about what is coming up right now.  I can’t follow a plan or a guide.  I can’t be told what to do.  I can only react to what is in front of me. 

This is why the Vivid Visualisations™ are unscripted.  I just know!  I love being an Intuitive, and I really love connecting with my clients.

All this gives me a huge amount of empathy (not sympathy) when working with clients.  If you want to know a bit about the difference between empathy and sympathy, watch this little cartoon featuring Brené Brown.  It’s delightful.