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How To Make Your Dreams Come True

The Power of Focus

We all have dreams and ambitions yet so few of us ever fulfil those aspirations.  Why is that?

I believe the main cause is lack of focus.  Or to be more precise, a lack of focus on what we want.  We can never drive a car forward whilst we’re busy looking out of the back window; and we can never have what we want if we are busy looking at what we don’t want.

I famously wasted a quarter of a century trying to be successful.  All I ever did during that time was feel ashamed because I wasn’t successful.  I couldn’t get anywhere because I couldn’t see myself as a success.  I only ever saw myself failing.

It has only been in recent years that have I started setting and achieving goals.  And it has only been since that time I that have begun to feel truly happy, achieve success and create life on purpose.

So what changed? 

 My focus, that’s what.  In the end, I wanted to make something happen so much that I focused on it until it happened.

James Clear has a great method for achieving his goals.  He doesn’t so much set a completion goal as he sets himself a schedule to keep that’s a sure-fire way of getting to his goal.  It’s an interesting read, and I’m about to use his ideas myself to get fit and strong again after years of being a couch potato.

For me, and my clients, it’s all about Baby Steps; which is much the same as James’ schedules.  As long as you focus on moving yourself in the direction of your goal – you have to get there. 

The more intensely you focus, the quicker you move.  It’s like driving my car.  When my wife is with me, I tend to drive sedately because my focus is often on her as well as the road.  My wife and I love a drive together, we can chat away for hours and it’s always great fun for us.

But it’s when I drive alone that driving comes alive for me.  I am focused and alert. I’m in tune with the car, the road and with all the other drivers.  I drive faster, yet I’m safer.  I’m not reckless, I’m simply focused on getting where I’m going in the most enjoyable way possible.

Make friends with your subconscious!

That’s a great metaphor for life.  Choose your destination, get focused and get moving!  Obviously you have to choose what you want first.  Then it’s all about proving to your subconscious that this is, indeed, what you want.

This is often the hard part for most people and where they usually get stuck.  Because the only possible way to prove it is to start moving, in any way you can, towards what you want – and keep moving!  This is the ONLY way to let your subconscious know you’re for real about it.  Then once the subconscious gets on board your goal is all but achieved because it will do all the hard work for you.

Focus on what you want not on what you don’t want – that’s how to make your dreams come true Focus on each goal intently until it becomes your reality.

Carthage Buckley shares five simple ways to stay focussed and they are all great advice.  There is lots more out there too.  Tips aplenty all over the web. In fact there are so many amazing people delivering so much useful and valuable information that whatever you want to put your mind to can be learnt, discovered, or studied in a flash.

There truly is nothing to keep you from your goals anymore.  Nothing!  The internet is a fabulous new world that is making all things possible.  Whatever you need to learn can be found in seconds.

Don’t waste your time being upset because you don’t know how to do something.  Study it until you do!

The only thing that can possibly stop you now – is you!  Just you standing in your own way – wishing it was so instead of making it so!

What about goal setting?

So how do you set goals?  Scot Hansen can tell you.  It’s all about having the right mind-set.  In a nutshell, his advice is all you really need.

But is it really that easy?

Well, yes I believe it can be.

The closer I get to my own dream life, the more momentum I pick up and the faster I seem to be making good things happen for myself.  It’s becoming obvious to me now just how easy and simple the whole thing really is – has ever been, had I known.

Focusing intently on what we want, moving steadily towards it and finding any way we can to enjoy the journey is, I think, the secret to everything.

Make it easy for yourself and choose one thing at a time.  Prove to yourself that you can make progress.  Then you can choose something else; and something else; and then even more.  Focus on choosing what you want instead of what you don’t want all the time.

Work towards training yourself to choose what you want in each and every moment.  That’s how you make your dreams come true.  One moment at a time!

Changing how we feel about what we want

I have worked with clients who have come to me with every problem you can imagine.  From anxiety to weight loss, from poor sleep to poor health.   All of them, without exception, felt so bad about where they were that they couldn’t escape the self-imposed prison of that negative focus.

All I have ever done, as a hypnotherapist and as a coach & creator of guided visualisation recordings, has been to change what my clients focus on.  Sure, sometimes that takes some doing.  Sometimes it even takes a bit of time.

But everyone who has ever stuck with it and has changed the direction of their focus – has changed the direction of their life!

Here are my top focusing tips for making your dreams come true:

  •  Choose one thing you want. Just pick one thing that you can go for.  Maybe it’s your next half a stone weight loss, or an extra £100 a month income, or that car you need for summer?
  • Build and hold a powerful vision of it. Listen to a guided visualisation recording that creates the feelings of having it now.  The only way to make visualisation work its magic is to create the feelings….consistently and frequently.  The best way to do that in the beginning is to use a recording to bring you back to that all powerful focus twice or thrice a day.  Something to bring you back from the reality of your life as it is to the imagined life you want.
  • Start taking Baby Steps towards it. One foot in front of the other.  Just keep taking the next step.  The other steps will reveal themselves to you as you get there.  Nobody ever knew for sure how they were going to get there.  Just start moving and have faith!  Learn something, do something, listen to something, make a call, talk to someone, ask for advice – just identify THE NEXT STEP – and take it!!
  • Forget about how it will come. Set your intention and set to enjoying life.  Practise being happy in each and every moment.  This is the single most important thing you will ever do for yourself.  At the end of the day, that’s all you really want anyway.  Look for your blessings.  Look for the silver lining.  Look for something to make you smile….safe in the knowledge that you are moving steadily closer to your goal.
  • Hang out with people who are also moving steadily towards their goals. Get as far away from negative people as your legs will carry you.  They bring you down, they destroy your dreams – and most of all they make you feel less than you are.  I make a point of lifting everyone up that I come into contact with.  That’s what you need in your life – cheerleaders!  Never underestimate the power of having a positive influence in your life.  Get a mentor.  Get a coach.  Get some friends who are already doing what you want to do.  Surround yourself with people who believe in you – who believe in themselves!
  • Ask a successful person for help! If they see you moving forward and taking action, they will help.  Be specific in your request, do what they tell you to do and they will do it eagerly.

Now all that’s left is for you to…

Go For It!!!


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