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Self-hypnosis intructions

When I was a practising hypnotherapist, the last thing I used to do for my clients was to teach them how to take themselves into self-hypnosis.

If you are regularly listening to guided visualisation, hypnosis or meditation recordings, you should find this quite easy.

The benefits of using this deep relaxation technique at least twice a day are huge and include making your visualisations more effective, taking a well earned break from a busy day to reset yourself, communicating more easily with your subconscious and getting more focused about what you want.

Follow these instructions and practise often. The more you do it the better it gets. If you want to ask me anything about it, just reply to this email.

Step One – getting into hypnosis

Sit in a chair. Ensure you will be undisturbed for the next ten minutes or so. Turn off your phone.

Get yourself nice and comfortable. Both hands flat on your legs and both feet flat on the ground. Eyes closed.

Open your eyes and without lifting your head, look up at a point on the ceiling. Once you are focused on that point on the ceiling, start counting from 1-10 SLOWLY.

When you get to 10, take a nice deep breath and as you exhale close your eyes.

Now keep your eyes closed and with every breath you exhale, allow yourself to go deeper into relaxation. Then begin practising the deepening techniques below.

You can do as many or as few as you desire.Find the ones that work for you and use those.The more you do, the deeper you will go.

Step Two – deepening techniques

Do all of these in turn.

  1.  Lift one hand about 6 inches above your leg. Hold it for a few seconds and then drop it back in your lap again – and you go down with it. When you do this, completely let go of the muscles in your elbow and let your arm flop down quickly.
  2. Open your eyes and stare at the spot on the ceiling again. Count to ten and as you breath out, close your eyes and double your relaxation.
  3. Repeat 1. With the other hand.
  4. Imagine you are standing at the top of ten steps and beyond the steps is a beautiful garden. Count yourself down those ten steps and allow yourself to relax more deeply with each step. Walk into and through your beautiful garden and finally take a seat.
  5. Remember anything that heads downwards is good for deepening your relaxation and taking you further into hypnosis. Jump out of planes and imagine you are floating to Earth on a parachute; go down escalators with positive and inspirational messages on the posters all the way down; get in a lift on the tenth floor and pres the button for the ground floor.

As with anything, practise makes perfect. Do this at least once a day and you will become very good at relaxing deeply whenever you need to.

When you have finished, count yourself back up from 10-1 and open your eyes.

Use to relax and take a break during a busy or stressful day, use to heighten the effect of your visualisation, use to talk to the subconscious to ask for advice and guidance.

To really go deep, count yourself up and go back down again. Do this a few times.You will go deeper each time.

Most of all have fun with it.

OR take the effort out of it and commission me to make a recording for you.  I can make a recording of all these techniques so that you can practise effortlessly.  Before you know it, you’ll be doing it like a champ!  Click here for details.




  1. Terri Franklin says:

    This is the answer! I’ve always had “trouble” without a guide- or maybe just relied too heavily on guided meditation. This is definitely something I can do myself- any time, any where! Thanks very much.

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