​​​Stress Coaching  
​Stressed Out to Chilled Out in 6 weeks!

Are you struggling right now?  ​Is being chilled out just a dream?

The most common misconception about stress is that it only goes away when the stuff ​wehave to deal with goes away.  Actually it's the other way round:  When we deal effectively with our stress levels all our problems go away.  Effective stress management is much less complicated than many will have you believe.  It is simple, easy and will make your life so easy you will hardly believe it!

​​​You can go from Stressed Out to Chilled Out in only six weeks with this ​unique coaching program!  ​Using a powerful combination of coaching ​AND personalised guided visualisation recordings, you will hardly recognise the person you are today in just six weeks.

John Freeman Coaching
Calm and relaxed

This amazing 6-week coaching package is guaranteed to get you ​back in control!

  • ​No more stress - ​Discover how YOU create it, and make powerful changes to your thinking and behaviour.
  • No more frustration - you will start seeing results in the very first week.
  • No more feeling confused, uncertain or stuck - We will shift all that super quick.
  • No more crashing from one wasted effort to the next - you will rapidly develop more positivity than ever before.
  • No more feeling bad about yourself - you will establish a loving and beneficial relationship with yourself.
  • No more holding yourself back - the New You will start taking meaningful steps forward.
  • No more feeling like you have no control - you will take back control of all aspects of your life.

​Two incredible parts of a powerful whole...

The One to One Coaching helps you take greater responsibility for your own actions, become more self- reliant and achieve your goals without stress and frustration.  Our regular sessions keep you positive, focused and upbeat.

I am your constant help, support and  guidance throughout your transformation to a calmer, happier, more positive and effective you.  All it takes to eradicate stress, become more positive and get what you want from life is for you to make the commitment and get the right coach on your side.                                                                           

​The Guided Visualisation Recordings get deep into your subconscious - totally shifting how you think and feel about yourself and your life.  My Made To Measure recordings are simply the most powerful transformation tool I have ever come across!

​They make the coaching far more effective by quickly and easily smashing all your hidden resistance to achieving what you want.  Clearing the way for a far more ​compelling coaching experience.   ​Everything about you is governed by your subconscious mind.  Fail to tap into it at your cost!       

John Freeman

​Hi, I'm John Freeman and I've been helping people get rid of their stress for 21 years!  ​​​I work in a straight forward way with no jargon or big words.  Just a deep connection with my client's needs, lots of common sense and a life-time of experience with stress.  Firstly dealing with my own and then helping others with theirs.

I am simply the worlds best stress coach.  Nobody can get you stress-free as quickly and easily as me!  I have designed this incredibly effective coaching package to be the single, most ​dynamic six weeks any coaching client could wish for.  This powerful six week program is designed to ​EDUCATE, ​INSPIRE and ​TRANSFORM.  

Over the course of this amazing six weeks you will become stress-free, shift your self-sabotaging behavior and start living life on purpose - in a positive, calm and controlled way.

​​​I utilise everything I have learnt to ensure your complete transformation is quick, easy and fun.  Seeing the incredible changes take place in my clients is my greatest joy and satisfaction - and YOU could be next!

My Goals for YOUR six weeks...

  1. To eradicate ALL of your stress and frustration leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.

  2. To educate you about stress:  what it is and how to deal with it quickly, easily and effectively.

  3. To get you in touch with your subconscious mind and help you build a positive relationship with this deeper part of yourself.

  4. To help you set meaningful, achievable goals and start moving towards them in a calm, fun and easy manner.

  5. To help you create behaviors that ​produce a calm and relaxed atmosphere wherever you go.

  6. To fill you so full of positivity that the subconscious blocks standing between you and your desires are forced out - forever!

  7.  To help you create a positive, loving relationship with yourself.

  8.  To help you think in new, positive and powerful ways that fill you with inspiration, creativity and passion.

  9. To ​help you create a purposeful, calm, and positive life for yourself as well as those close to you. 

  10.  My primary goal for your six weeks is to help you become the calmest, most positive and happiest version of yourself possible.

​This incredibly effective package is only suitable for you if...

  • ​​ You are so stressed you don't know what to do!!!  The more stressed my clients, the better the results we get.
  • ​ ​You might even be having panic attacks!  ​I have turned around clients who were having seven or eight panic attacks every day.
  • You are finally ready to ask for help to turn your life around.  At sometime or other you have to trust somebody to help you - and ask for that help.
  • You are ready to make a commitment to yourself and this process.  ​You must be 100% invested in the process.  All in or not in!
  •  You are ready to try something radically different.  And I am definitely different!  On the surface I am a brash straight talker with a wicked sense of humour.  But you will soon discover that I am also a highly sensitive, intuitive empath who cares deeply about his clients, connects with them easily and will move Heaven and Earth to get the results they desire.  ​
  •   You come at this process with an open mind.  This program is all about self-discovery ​and uncovering your amazing wonderfullness.
  •  ​​  You are willing to be supported throughout the process by a naturally gifted and insightful coach.  To follow advice, to be challenged, to be held accountable, to try new things.
  • You are ready to be the happiest, most joyful and successful you that you can be.​  Enough said!

​What's on offer?

Week One

​​Stressed Out!  ​Set our goals for the six weeks and ensure we are both on the same page.  You will also receive the most powerful Stress Buster recording available in the world today.  Made especially for you, it will be about twenty minutes long and is guaranteed to get rid of your stress.  You will begin to notice a difference after the very first listen.​  In this session you will begin to understand your stress, how you cause it, and we will set out a plan to deal with it.

Week Two

​Slightly Calmer.   ​Now you have calmed down a bit, we can start to take an objective look at the ways you create your stress - and start to integrate some calm, positive and beneficial habits into your life.  This is merely the first of many steps towards the New You.  You will also receive an update to the Stress-Buster recording:  it progresses as you progress.  Always just in front of you, pulling you to where you want to go.

Week Three

​​A Lot Calmer.  ​Now we start getting serious.  The ​​​recording, our sessions and your new behaviours will be pushing your buttons.  You will probably be getting a bit uncomfortable round about now.  THIS IS A GOOD THING!  This is your subconscious blocks coming to the surface where we can deal with them effectively and let them go.   We will work together to start creating new habits of thinking that serve you instead of dragging you down.  You will receive another compelling update to your recording.  As always, it is made especially for you based on what you need after this session.

Week Four

​Stress Free.  We take another, closer, look at your goals.​​​  Now you are feeling much more positive and in control, we can work together to discover what you REALLY want.  Not what you think you should want or what you don't want.  No more settling, but really getting into creating life on purpose - in a fun, enlightened and stress-free way.  You will also get your last update to the Stress-Buster recording plus full instructions on how to get deeply relaxed by yourself - anytime, anywhere!

Week Five

​Loosening up.  ​This week is all about bringing more joy into each and every day.  We will identify where your greatest joy can be found and implement ways to experience it often throughout the day.  You are going to be amazed at how much you have to be excited about in your life!  You will also receive your first Made To Measure ten-minute recording​​​, just as powerful as the twenty-minute one, but now you can relax so much quicker you don't need to be doing the long one anymore.  

Week Six

​Chilled Out!  This is your final session and probably the most exciting.  Now's the time to be looking at your goals again from a completely calm place.  We will be looking at making them bigger, more exciting and even more doable than ever before.  Now you have control over your stress you can get back in the game from a whole new perspective.  Magic & Miracles aren't just possible, they are happening every day to people who have taken charge of their thinking.  The Law of Attraction DOES work and now you can start using it to your advantage.  You will also receive your last ten-minute recording, as usual, made especially for you.

​If YOU want to easily put an end to your stress forever, get in touch using the contact form and I'll send you a short questionnaire.

If , after you complete the questionnaire, I think we can achieve a brilliant result together, we can arrange a mutually convenient time for a discovery call.