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What’s so different about Vivid Visualisation™?

What’s so different about Vivid Visualisation™?

Do you listen to hypnosis or meditation recordings?

When I was a practicing hypnotherapist every client went away with a recording to re-enforce the work we had done that week.  Over time, I found myself making stuff up between lines of the script I was working from and before I knew it I wasn’t even using the scripts anymore.

I soon realised two things.  Firstly, the clients who listened to the recording as instructed were the clients who achieved the REALLY GREAT results.  The other thing I realised was that making the recordings was the only thing I enjoyed about therapy.

Since that time I have switched to coaching which is a lot more fun for myself as well as the client, and focused on developing what have now become Vivid Visualisations™.

As far as I know, they are unique in the world today. 

My clients really enjoy listening to them.  They can feel the deep connection I make with them  and, of course, they get really good results too.

I’ve put together this little guide as in introduction to Vivid Visualisations™ to help you understand just how different they are to what you might be used to.


Traditional hypnosis recordings usually last about 20-40 minutes.  They will begin with a section of about 10 minutes designed to relax you and make you more susceptible to suggestions.

Vivid Visualisations™ on the other hand usually last about 10 minutes.  They are designed to be listened to as you fall asleep at night or wake up in the morning.

This is a time when you are usually half asleep and very receptive anyway.  Also, as I explain shortly, they are far more effective so don’t need to be long-winded and drawn out.  Short and sweet is my motto.


Traditional recordings are usually scripted.  People spend a lot of time writing really good hypnotic scripts (bless’em).  They use special language patterns to connect to your subconscious.  Then they record their script in a relaxing voice.

Great for going to sleep, but actually not for much else.

Vivid Visualisations™ on the other hand are absolutely non-scripted.

They brew in my subconscious for 2-3 days and when I am ready I sit at the microphone and allow it to flow out, straight from my subconscious to yours!  The recording is still edited to take out any strange noises, etc.  But they are sent out in that original form.


The main intention behind traditional recordings seems to be to relax the listener.  Sure they talk about confidence, smoking cessation or weight loss, etc.

But they don’t appear to have any real intention to change anything in the listener beyond relaxation.  Whatever they do talk about, they fail to make the listener feel the necessary feelings.

In making Vivid Visualisations™ my intention is ALWAYS, first and foremost, to connect to the deepest part of the listener.  I am speaking to the conscious and the subconscious at different times throughout the recording.

My intention is to touch the listener so deeply with my visualisations and suggestions that it has a huge impact on how they feel.

It’s all about the feelings guys.  Always!  My intention is to change the feelings surrounding what you want.  Once I have created those feelings for you with the recording, you have a new reference point to aim for.

It is irresistibly better than the feelings associated with what you don’t want.

So you are drawn back to those feelings all the time.  You begin to look for ways to create those feelings without hardly realising you are doing it.

Those same feelings tell your subconscious what you want and you can ride them, easily and elegantly, like a traction beam to whatever you desire.

Generic Recordings, one size fits all?

It’s a funny thing this one.  On the one hand, I know of one site that can sell you over 500 different recordings on every tiny, precise subject under the sun.

My problem with this is that they are all so unnecessarily narrowed down.  I could cover most of their subjects with 15 recordings at most – and still get better results.

Which brings me to the other point, which is that they care more about producing as many recordings, in as many areas as possible, to attract as many sales as they can.

They just bang these things out like there is no tomorrow.  In short, they don’t give a shit about you or your problem.

There are no feelings in the recording.  No connection with the listener.

Vivid Visualisations™ are Made To Measure!  They are made especially for the client in response to their exact and precise needs.

I’m an Empath and I connect very quickly and extremely powerfully to my clients and what they want.  I create the recordings intuitively and individually for each and every client.

My intention for all my clients is to move them from where they are to where they want to be in the shortest possible time.

This is done by helping them change their focus, their feelings and their mind-set.  In this way I create a forward momentum a tank couldn’t stop.


When you buy a traditional recording you receive very little support other than your money back if you don’t like it.

For me, I’m only ever really happy when I am looking after people; and when I’m looking after people, I’m REALLY HAPPY!

I am an Empath, I feel other’s feelings as if they are my own.  This means I feel it when someone is not being looked after properly.

What that means for you is that once you come to me for help – I am always there for you.  No matter what you need I’ll be there for you.

It absolutely breaks my heart when I help someone get a grip of themselves and then they disappear and I never hear from them with any updates about their life.  Breaks my heart.

I seriously want to be a part of your growth and development.  If you want to take yourself to the next level, and the next, and the next after that, I want to be the man helping you do it.

Getting an updated Made To Measure Vivid Visualisation™ every month is an incredibly easy and elegant way to march effortlessly towards your goals.

But whether you buy one, two or hundreds of Vivid Visualisations™ from me, the support, encouragement and guidance that comes with that is completely and utterly my absolute pleasure, purpose and driving force.


For the traditional recordings, pretty minimal.  I know there are people out there who have had results with them.  I know!

But compare the number of them with the amount of these things that are available and you might get some perspective.

I don’t even work with anyone unless I’m sure they are ready and able to change now.  This is a joint enterprise, a partnership.

We both play an important part in this.  My clients are truly sick of banging their head against a wall and getting nowhere.

They are truly ready to move with purpose and determination to what they want.

I work with the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is your best friend and when it knows exactly what you want, it makes things happen for you that will blow you away.

But the most powerful way to communicate your desires to it is by IMPLICATION.

You come to me and I make a recording for you to listen to every night.  It produces feelings of what you want.  Your subconscious now knows what you want so begins to search out the perfect solutions that fit you.

You start to feel better and think you can stop listening to the recording, or you don’t have time to listen, or you forget to listen, or you just can’t be bothered to listen. The IMPLICATION for your subconscious is that you don’t want to change.  You want to stay the same.

My clients come to me because they are ready to change their mind-set, remove their emotional blocks and generally move away from all that stuff that keeps them stuck and skyrocket towards what they want.

They do their part and my Vivid Visualisation™ keeps them on track and focussed on what they want.

TOGETHER we get the result!

De-personalised Recordings?

If I think they are suitable, I re-master the Made To Measure recordings and de-personalise them.  These I then make them available at a reasonable price to those who might not be able to afford the Made To Measure recordings.

Are they just effective?  You bet your sweet arse they are!

Every bit as effective – as long as your problem matches the recording.  On the site I provide a complete explanation as to why the recording was originally commissioned so you can tell instantly if it’s a fit for you or not.

So what exactly is Vivid Visualisation™?

Apart from a book and really powerful life enhancing recordings, Vivid Visualisation™ is a philosophy.

It’s me getting behind you (if you let me) and getting you to where you want to be.

After struggling myself for more than a quarter of a century, I know what it’s like to feel frustrated and demoralised by not getting what you want.

The worst of it is not knowing who can help you or even what kind of help you need.  But all that has changed.  I am here for you now.

Nothing makes success more likely than having someone believe in you, someone to be on your side, in your corner, rooting for you.

That’s me!

That’s it.  Now you know.  There’s a new way of doing things.  It’s easy, simple, elegant and highly effective.

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