The Launch Pad

You're feeling stuck, frustrated and confused.  You know you're capable of so much more, but just can't make up your mind what to go for.

You’re ready to make something wonderful happen in your life. If only you knew what that something was?

The Launch Pad Session uncovers what is truly important to you, helps you choose a goal, and follows that up with an exclusive Made To Measure Vivid Visualisation™ Guided Visualisation recording that gives you the strength, motivation and focus you need to Make It Happen.

During this super effective 90 minute coaching session we’ll work together to gently uncover one true path for you to follow. I’ll help you choose an achievable goal and together we’ll work out the action steps you can safely take to reach it.

After the session you’ll have a crystal clear definition of what you want; a written plan for achieving it; AND a Vivid Visualisation™recording to give you new positive, beneficial feelings about where you’re headed.

Add the 28 day unlimited email support & coaching you are guaranteed to get what you want!

What's on offer?

  • One 90 minute Skype Power Coaching Session.  We will work together to dig out what's really important and help you choose the goals AND direction that are most important to you.  We will get you moving forward with a great new purpose and momentum.
  • One Vivid Visualisation™guided visualisation recording to enable you to quickly and easily master the vision of where you want to be.  Delivered within TWO DAYS of our coaching call.
  • Unlimited email support for 28 days from delivery of your recording (guaranteed 24 hour turnaround, Monday - Friday only). 
  • My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  If you don't like anything about what we do together, I'll refund your money AND you get to keep the recording.


I only have the capacity to look after 5 people each month properly.  So, if you are interested, let me know using the form below and we can have an email chat about where you’re at, and whether I can help you.

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