Vivid Visualisation

​All the power of a unique recording coupled with the support,
encouragement and guidance of a month of coaching!

If you have been struggling to get something you want for a long time, THIS is the package for you!

​It kills me to see how many people struggle to achieve their goals. I know that they desperately want to make something happen, but their frustration, stress and struggle just keeps them so stuck in a place of doubt and confusion.  I’m here to help with this super powerful guided visualisation & coaching package!  I help people, just like you, get unstuck, clear the unconscious blocks to their success and get moving decisively towards their goals.​​​​

All my life my greatest joy has been helping people just like you get what they want.  The satisfaction I get from helping my clients recognise, and work through, the subconscious blocks to their success is second to none. I live for this!  As an Empath, I am uniquely able to offer this amazing combination of guided visualisation recordings and coaching.  I will be your constant support and guidance for the month.  I am instinctively gentle when you need it, hold you accountable when you need to be nudged in the right direction, and be your constant encouragement - letting you know every step of the way that you are safe and in good hands.

Most of all I help you understand, and make friends with, your own subconscious with all the immense benefits that entails.

This is for you if:

  • You have been struggling to achieve something for a long time without success.
  • You are desperate to know what to do next.
  • You are ready willing and able to make a solid commitment to changing your approach to your goal.
  • You need a positive influence in you life who will help, support and guide you to making this transformation.
  • You want to get in touch, and make friends with, your subconscious - with all the benefits that entails.

What's on offer?

Week One
Week Two
Week 3
Week Four

I only have the capacity to look after 5 people each month properly.  So, if you are interested, let me know using the form below and we can have an email chat about where you’re at, and whether I can help you.

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